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  • ONKYO LS-5200
    ONKYO LS-5200

    กำลังขับ(วัตต์) 85 W/CH (4 Ω) มีSUBWOOFER ระบบเสียง DOLBY...

    17,900 ฿
  • Polk Signa S1
    Polk Signa S1

    Performance-tuned surround sound: performance tuned driver Array and...

    9,900 ฿
  • Polk MagniFi Mini
    Polk MagniFi Mini

    Crystal clear dialogue with Polk Voice Adjust technology Wireless music...

    15,900 ฿
  • Polk MagniFi MAX
    Polk MagniFi MAX

    Wireless surround speakers and subwoofer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet...

    19,900 ฿
  • Fender Monterey
    Fender Monterey

    เหมาะกับการฟังได้ทุกสไตล์ดนตรี เช่น ร็อค ฮาร์ดร็อค เมทัล บลูส์ แจ๊ส...

    15,900 ฿


  • POLK - PSW110
    POLK - PSW110


    7,900 ฿ 9,900 ฿

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    Conductors: 2 x 14AWG, bare stranded copper with FEP insulation in a twisted pair configuration. White PVC inner jacket 2 x Foil Shield Transparent PVC outer jacket Cable outer dia: 10.5mm Available in unterminated lengths and in terminated sets, fitted with 4mm banana, spade or BFA plugs.

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    Chord Leyline speaker cable came into being during the first wave of home A/V set-ups. Size restrictions meant using 16AWG conductors. Long runs meant using a twisted pair design – which suited us as we already using twisted pair geometry to produce speaker cables anyway.

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